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Do Chipped Teeth Cause Long Term Issues?

Chipped teeth can range from a minor inconvenience to a major issue. Sometimes, a chip that may appear minor may actually be a crack that runs through the entire tooth. Other times, a chip can spread if left untreated. Read our blog post to learn about the issues caused by chipped teeth.

Will Teeth Grinding Cause Permanent Damage?

Read our blog post to learn how teeth grinding impacts your oral health. If you struggle with chronic teeth grinding, contact us today for treatment!

How to Avoid Cavities After the Easter Bunny

Ruby Canyon Dental wishes you a happy Easter season! Read our blog post for tips to keep your child’s smile healthy after any candy-filled Easter festivities.

Why Do Some Baby Teeth Never Fall Out?

Read our blog post to learn about baby teeth & what to do if you have a baby tooth that never falls out. Contact us for more dental info!

What Dental Expenses Are Tax Deductible?

If you are itemizing deductions on your taxes this year, check out our blog post to learn which dental expenses are tax-deductible and which are not eligible.
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