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Root Canal in Grand Junction, CO

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Grand Junction, CO

At Ruby Canyon Dental, we take great pride in providing root canal therapy to alleviate tooth pain and restore teeth back to health. If you have experienced dental trauma or have severe tooth decay, you may need a root canal! Call our office to schedule a root canal consultation at our Grand Junction office!

Questions about root canal therapy?

What Steps are Involved in a Root Canal?

We understand that root canal therapy can seem intimidating. But, trust us, you have nothing to worry about! We'll walk you step by step through the process so you can feel more comfortable going in. This simple procedure will get you back to feeling like a million bucks!

Step 1

Before we begin the procedure, we'll use a local anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth, so the most you'll feel is slight pressure while we work! Once the numbing agent sets in, we will disinfect the area around the tooth and make a small opening on the top of your tooth.

Step 2

Next, we'll use a small dental file to clear away any damaged or diseased pulp inside your tooth's canals. Once the area is clean, we will irrigate the canals with water to wash away any remaining debris. Then, we'll thoroughly disinfect the inside of your tooth to reduce the potential for future infections.

Step 3

After the inside of your tooth is completely cleaned out and dry, we'll use a material called gutta percha to fill in the empty space where the pulp once was. We'll then seal the opening we made with a discreet, tooth-colored filling. Once the filling is cured and set in place, you are free to go. Most patients say that they feel instant relief after their root canal!

Step 4

Depending on your specific case, we may call you back for a follow up appointment after your root canal procedure. For some patients, we'll place a natural-looking dental crown on the tooth at this appointment to add extra strength and protection. Some teeth may be weakened from the damage and infection they had before the root canal. Crowns are a great way to help preserve the tooth and prevent further infection.

The Cost of Root Canals

The cost of root canal therapy varies depending on how many teeth need it and your specific case. Root canal therapy can save your natural tooth, so we strive to help every patient fit a needed root canal into their budget! We offer a full scope of financial options to help you restore your smile without breaking the bank. Don't let cost concerns keep you from getting the dental treatment you need and deserve!

Root Canal Post Treatment Care

Most patients report feeling almost-instant relief after their root canals are complete. However, it's always best to be cautious for a few days following your root canal to let your tooth properly heal. Any sensitivity or discomfort you feel is only temporary and should subside within the week. We'll send you home with a detailed set of aftercare instructions including how to properly clean around your healing tooth to prevent infection.

Alleviate your tooth pain!

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