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Dental Cleanings

Professional Cleanings at Ruby Canyon Dental

Why Are Professional Cleanings So Important?

The top two reasons adults lose teeth are cavities and gum disease, which is why, on top of a good dental hygiene routine, regular professional cleaning appointments are so crucial. Even the best daily brushing and flossing won’t get every bit of plaque between teeth and along the gumlines, and that plaque eventually hardens into tartar. Professional cleaning gets rid of all that tartar and keeps your teeth and gums on track to stay healthy.

How Often Should I Come in for Cleanings?

In general, patients should schedule basic cleaning appointments twice a year, but it’s important to talk to Our doctors about their individual dental health needs. Patients with risk factors for developing gum disease may need more frequent cleanings, and diabetic patients often require as many as four cleanings per year to fight back against the attendant oral health difficulties.

What is The Proven Process Board?

The Proven Process Board is our unique approach at Ruby Canyon Dental to ensure consistent, high-quality communication and care. It encompasses our core practices and philosophies, including The Hygiene Cycle, our financial arrangement guidelines, and our overall purpose.

Why do we have The Proven Process Board?

The primary goal of The Proven Process Board is to unify our team in the way we communicate with our patients about their oral health. By using the same language and procedures, we aim to reduce confusion and build a stronger foundation of trust and confidence with our patients.

How does The Proven Process Board benefit our patients?

Patients benefit through clear, consistent communication and a standardized approach to their dental care. This consistency helps in understanding treatment plans, financial arrangements, and the overall importance of maintaining good oral health.

What is The Hygiene Cycle, and why is it important?

The Hygiene Cycle is a cornerstone of our patient care philosophy. It emphasizes regular dental check-ups and cleanings, which are crucial for maintaining oral health and preventing more complex issues. This proactive approach is central to our commitment to patient health and well-being.

Can you explain the Ruby Canyon Dental Guarantee?

Our Ruby Canyon Dental Guarantee is our commitment to transparency, especially regarding financial arrangements. We ensure that all financial aspects of treatment are discussed and agreed upon before any procedure. This clarity and upfront communication help avoid any unexpected surprises for our patients.

How does The Proven Process Board reflect our Purpose?

Our Purpose at Ruby Canyon Dental is not just about providing dental services; it’s about caring for our community’s overall health and well-being. The Proven Process Board reflects this by ensuring that every aspect of our care is aligned with this purpose, from patient education to treatment execution.

Where can patients learn more about The Proven Process Board?

Patients can learn more about The Proven Process Board by speaking with any of our team members during their visit or by exploring the dedicated section on our website. We also provide informational materials in our clinic that explain each component of the process in detail.

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