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Same-Day Emergency Dentistry in Grand Junction

At Ruby Canyon Dental, we aim to take the stress out of stressful experiences such as dental emergencies. We never want you to have to wait in pain for a scheduled appointment, we leave room in our schedule to see patients with dental emergencies the same day they call. You can count on our team to be there for you!

Have an Emergency?

Most Common Types of Dental Emergencies

Wondering if your dental issue constitutes as an emergency? Here are some of the most common types of dental emergencies that require immediate care and attention:

  • Broken Crown, Bridge, or Denture
  • Chipped or Cracked Tooth
  • Lost Filling
  • Knocked-Out Tooth
  • Sudden Jaw Pain
  • Throbbing or Persistent Toothache

Preparing for a Dental Emergency 101

Emergencies happen when we least expect them, which is why it's important to have an action plan and supplies in place. We recommend keeping our office number in an easy-to-access location such as on the fridge or in the contacts on your phone. If a dental emergency calls, please call us right away so that we can walk you through your next steps and advise you on the best course of action. Another great tip is to keep some dental-related items in your at-home emergency kit. These items include gauze, a container to hold a dislodged tooth, salt for a warm salt water rinse, and over-the-counter pain medication. A small amount of preparation can make a big difference when an emergency occurs!

Emergency Highlight: Knocked-Out Teeth

If you ever have an adult tooth knocked out, there are a few steps you should take on your way to see us. First, pick up the tooth by the crown and gently rinse it off. Then, if possible, place the tooth back into the socket and bite down lightly on a piece of gauze to hold it in place. If you can't put it back, place it in a cup of milk and transport it with you to the office. These steps can help you potentially save your knocked-out tooth!

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