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Do Chipped Teeth Cause Long Term Issues?

Chipped teeth can range from a minor inconvenience to a major issue. Sometimes, a chip that may appear minor may actually be a crack that runs through the entire tooth. Other times, a chip can spread if left untreated. If you’ve chipped a tooth, Dr. Dean can help you understand the consequences of the chip and come up with a treatment that restores the appearance and function of your tooth.

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How Do We Determine the Scope of a Chip?

While some chips are just minor damage to the enamel, other chips can cause serious long term issues. We’ll take a deeper look at your tooth, with X-rays if necessary, to determine just how serious the chip is. If it’s merely a chip to your enamel, we may use a filling to treat the issue. However, if the chip is more extensive, it will require further treatment.

When Can a Chip Cause Severe Problems?

Occasionally, we see chips that expose the inner layers of your tooth like pulp and nerve tissue. Not only does this cause heightened tooth sensitivity, it can also make you more vulnerable to developing an infection. If pulp becomes infected, we will need to perform a root canal to remove the infection and treat and preserve your natural tooth.

What Happens If a Tooth Crown Is Chipped or Cracked?

If you chip the crown of your tooth, your tooth may be able to be saved using a root canal and crown. The goal is to keep the crack from spreading across the tooth. However, if the crack extends below the gumline, the tooth will need to be extracted.

If you chip a tooth, the best way to prevent any long-term issues is to get prompt treatment. To ask our team any questions about chipped teeth or to schedule your next appointment, contact us today!

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